Lux Physical Therapy and Performance offers out-of-network and cash based payment options.

How does it work?


Cash, credit card, or Venmo payment is required at the time of your visit. Lux will then supply you with a “super bill” (receipt) with the applicable information that your insurance company will need in order to reimburse you for your Physical Therapy. Appointments are typically covered by your insurance plan after your deductible has been met. Prior to your first appointment it is beneficial to contact your insurance company to ask them a few questions regarding your plan and benefits.  We have included a worksheet (click to download), which includes information that will assist you in determining your benefits.


From there, it is as easy as sending in your “super bill” (receipt) to your insurance company. 


Lux Physical Therapy and Performance is an out-of-network provider only.


If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Why is Lux Physical Therapy and Performance an out-of-network provider?

It all boils down to the quality of patient care we strive to provide.  Lux is focused on providing the highest quality treatment available.  Our patient’s needs dictate how and how much time we treat, not the insurance company.  When a provider becomes an in-network provider, the insurance company ultimately dictates how they can treat. 


On top of that, the reimbursement in-network providers receive from insurance companies is very low; forcing physical therapy clinics to increase the number of patients they see per hour.  The average number of patients an in-network PT clinic has to see in order to be profitable is 3-4 patients per hour.  This means that their patients are only receiving about 15 minutes of hands on skilled therapy per session.  After this 15 minutes is up you are likely to be handed off to a trainer that has nowhere near the knowledge base that a Doctor of Physical Therapy has.  Studies have shown that in order to aid the body in making permanent changes, longer treatment times are needed.


Let’s think about this. If you have had an issue going on for weeks, months, or even years; do you think 15 minutes, a couple times a week is going to have much impact?  The answer is no.  The great news is that Lux refuses to compromise the level of patient care we deliver.  Our 1-on 1 treatments are a full 1-hour, and utilize the most effective research based methodologies.  The combination of effective treatment methodologies coupled with proper treatment time, have been shown to be the most effective in getting you better as fast as possible.  We could go on about insurance companies, but we like to keep it positive!

Is in-network physical therapy really less expensive?

The short answer is no. Let’s look at the numbers.


Example A (in-network PT assuming a $40 co-pay):

$40 co-pay twice a week= $80 for 30 minutes of total PT per week

$80 x 12 weeks= $960 for 360 minutes of hands on PT

12 weeks x 30 minute treatments= 360 total treatment minutes

So you are paying $2.70 per minute for a rushed PT session


Example B (Lux):

Assuming $1500 deductible insurance plan

$180 for 60 minutes of total PT time per week

$180 x 12 weeks= $2160

You pay the first $1500 (deductible), and the remaining $660 is covered at 80%

You only pay $132 of the remaining $660

$1500+ $132= $1632 for 720 minutes of skilled PT

12 weeks x 60 minutes= 720 total treatment minutes

So you are paying $2.27 per minute for high quality PT


This is showing that you can actually get the highest quality PT for less than it would cost you for rushed, mediocre PT!


The above example assumes a $1500 deductible, which includes $40 co-pays for PT visits.  If your deductible is less than $1500 you will be saving even more than the example above!  Lets say you are going to PT twice per week.  You are paying $80 per week for 2 sessions that include 15 minutes of hands on physical therapy, totaling 30 minutes per week.


Now lets say you went to Lux. You will receive one full hour of 1-on-1 skilled physical therapy.  The price per session is $180 for 60 minutes.  Payment will be collected via cash, credit card, or Venmo. Upon payment you will receive a “super bill” (receipt) that you submit to your insurance.  After your insurance deductible has been met, a percentage of your physical therapy sessions with Lux will be covered by your insurance company, usually at around 80%.  Although this a very common scenario, insurance plans differ.  Download our worksheet to help guide you with inquiring about your specific insurance benefits.


With all of that said, we want to get you back to performing at the highest level as fast as possible.  Our goal is to have you performing better than you ever have in 6 visits or less. Everyone's body and injury is different, so some athletes require less and some require more visits. 


You can get superior results for less money! This is a no-brainer!


If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.




Initial 1-hour evaluation $180

Follow-up 1-hour treatments $180

Initial 1-hour evaluation $180

Follow-up 1-hour treatments $180

Lux also offers performance packages for those athletes that want to continually optimize their body's potential.  We offer 4 and 8 treatment packages at a discounted rate. Contact us for more information.