We can help you restore and optimize your health and performance whether you are looking for physical therapy, functional medicine, or both.

Highly Individualized Care

Lux Physical Therapy and Functional Medicine is different from your average physical therapy clinic or doctor. We provide highly-individualized care based on you. 
We will dive deep into finding the root causes that are causing your pain, injury, or chronic health conditions. Getting to the root cause is the only way to truly restore and transform your health. This is different from the quick, band-aide solutions that most clinics and doctors provide.

What you can expect at your appointments:

Your first appointment will include an in-depth analysis of your current health, and previous health history. The first appointment will differ depending on whether you are being seen for physical therapy or functional medicine, or both.
This will include discussing your current symptoms, previous lab results, future lab suggestions, and a comprehensive treatment plan. This can include diet, lifestyle, supplement, and exercise recommendations. All recommendations will be tailored to you.
Follow up appointments will include continuing your plan of care including any adjustments needed to help you continue to feel and perform amazing again, as quickly as possible.

All appointments are highly personalized and conducted via telemedicine.

Appointments are $300/hr, with 10% off 5-hour packages.

Physical Therapy: We are an out-of-network provider. We do find that most of our patients have out-of-network benefits included in their plan. In this case, your insurance plan will cover a majority of appointments after your deductible is met.

We can look into your insurance coverage with us.

Simply contact us: [email protected] 


Functional Medicine: Most plans unfortunately do not cover in-depth Functional Medicine appointments. We do not work with insurance in this case.