Dr. Grayson Wickham

Doctor of Physical Therapy and Functional Medicine Practitioner
Dr. Wickham strives to optimize everything in life, whether it be health, nutrition or athletic performance. This principle carries over to the care he delivers to his patients. He provides evidence-based physical therapy and functional medicine treatments that help his patients get well as fast as possible. Dr. Wickham is passionate about proactive and preventive healthcare.
He has a diverse work history that includes working with professional athletes such as Olympians, NFL players, MLB players, professional tennis players, and Crossfit athletes.
He has extensive training with neurological conditions and has worked in numerous premier, research-oriented hospitals. Dr. Wickham’s physical therapy specializations include sports and orthopedic performance and injuries.
Dr. Wickham has completed extensive functional medicine training for conditions including Lyme disease, heavy metals toxicity, mold toxicity and CIRS, functional immunology and immune system support, neurodegenerative diseases, and other chronic inflammatory illness. He has worked with patients of all ages from all over the world.
In addition to Dr. Wickham’s private patient practice, he is also the Founder/CEO of the Movement Vault app. Movement Vault is a better way to stretch, fix and prevent pain and injury.